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Strolling through the fairytale avenue...

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Feasting on punch and cookies with glee, while quietly making a wish secretly … Are you curious to find out what?

What else at this time of year but to be whisked away to a very special winter fairytale scene. And where better to experience this in reality than at our traditional Christmas market!

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There, from 25th November, you will be taken on a journey along a superbly illustrated fairytale avenue telling the Christmas story like you've never experienced before.

In Baden-Baden's centre, you will not only find the decorated, wooden Christmas cabins with handcrafts, Christmas decorations and culinary specialities. Oh no, every town has those... here you really can hear the "baaing" of the sheep and the "ee-awing" of the donkey together with the aroma of fresh hay floating through the air, because here in front of the Kurhaus building you will find a live, life-sized Christmas crib.

And while you're there marvelling at the animals, the scent of freshly baked cookies will slowly waft past you nose. It's coming from the specially erected bakery where all children are welcome to try their hand at baking their own Christmas biscuits… And, of course, they can take them home afterwards!

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The pre-Christmas experience is not just for the little ones, however. The not-so-little ones are also guaranteed to get their money's worth. And that's a promise. The live programme on the outdoor stage offers a wide variety of cultural entertainment. And there is also the romantic day - every Monday. A sea of candles creates the perfect backdrop for a couple of mugs of mulled wine and a bag of hot roasted chestnuts with your loved one…

Do you still have any wishes? Then I'll give you a little tip: simply write or paint your wish on a piece of paper and post it in the special post box called the "Himmelsbriefkasten" at the Christmas market. You know who the recipient is, don't you ... but keep it a secret, please!

Best regards,

Marcus Schindler, Head Concierge