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Apprenticeship Years in a Grand Hotel

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Over a period of 12 months, a SWR film team accompanied three of our apprentices in their first year of training.  From the experience our colleagues learn one thing: remain true to the main task at hand, which is: know your guests, take care of them and look after them.

It is my great pleasure to recommend you this fascinating documentary series about a year of training in our house. It is to be broadcast under the title of Brenners: Apprenticeship Years in a Grand Hotel at the turn of the year.

Heike _berger _dayone

The world of elegance and discrete glamour of a grand hotel but also the hard work will be personally sensed and experienced from the many selected scenes.

Ruth _nicohofmann

Quirin _schachweltmeister _anand

In addition to this series, the first week of January will also see SWR Television broadcast 'Brenners: The History of a Grand Hotel', a 45-minute historical documentary on what is now a Baden-Baden institution. Historic footage and photographs together with re-enacted scenes and interviews trace the 140-year history of our house and its owners.

Take a peek behind the scenes, open your mind to new insights and let the programme strike an emotional chord within you - discover us!

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Your Head Concierge

Marcus Schindler


Brenners - Apprenticeship Years in a Grand Hotel

SWR/SR channel: 25.12.203, 26.12.2013, 29.12.2013 and 01.01. 2014

Each day at 4.30pm (45 mins)

Director and writer: Harold Woetzel


Brenners - The History of a Grand Hotel

SWR/SR channel: 05.01.2014

4.30pm (45 mins) repeated at 5.20am

Director and writer: Tilmann Büttner