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Cocktails Mixing

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One thing that is particularly popular with our younger guests is the Junior Cocktail. On arrival, children will find a "cocktail voucher" in their room which may be redeemed at the Oleander-Bar. For newcomers there's a surprise in store when they hand over their voucher at the bar: not only will they find out that they can put together their own cocktail to suit their own tastes but also mix the drink themselves. In the pictures you see Philipp G√ľnther with two of your youngest guests mixing their favourite flavours to a special cocktail.

The "old hands" among our younger guests know the procedure already; they are well prepared and know exactly which drink they are going to mix for themselves - without alcohol, of course, but with an abundance of flavours derived from fresh juices, exotic syrups and healthy fruit: alcohol-free caipirinhas are conjured up, soft coladas are shaken and virgin mojitos stirred. Much attention is also given to own creations but sometimes I have to apply the brakes a little with some young barkeepers when their fantasy begins to stray and their work could end up a tasteless fiasco.

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The strangest of cases was when one small boy answered all my questions regarding what juices he would like to have in his drink with the word "no!". Regardless of whether it was orange or cherry juice, mango or pineapple juice, nothing suited his taste. Finally we agreed on non-carbonated water ... not cold, however! He was nevertheless very proud of the fact that he opened the drawer and bottle of water on his own. He then marched over to his parents' table with his shoulders back and head held high. It demonstrated to me that even "old hands" can succeed with a glass of plain water!

Best regards

Erwin Biezen, Bar Chef

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