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Today I would like to share with you one of our secret lifestyle tips. Hidden away in the centre of Baden-Baden there's a small bespoke shoemaker who produces unique, made-to-measure leather masterworks crafted lovingly and delicately by hand. Many of our guests already appreciate the work and the products of Vickermann & Stoya and guests of other notable hotels in Germany have also had a pair of custom-made shoes crafted for them here in Baden-Baden.

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In their own words, this is what Vickermann & Stoya have to say about their manufacturing philosophy:

A bespoke shoe crafted by us for you is an expression of your inner feelings. It's a tribute to beauty and the harmonious bond between body and shoe.
Precious box calf, fine Nappa or exotic crocodile leather provide the framework for theses works of art expressing the wearer's individuality, style and charisma with their unmistakable look. A pair of bespoke shoes from the Vickermann & Stoya workshop will represent a new dimension in your footwear collection with their high quality craftsmanship and valuable materials. Thanks to the traditional manufacturing methods, such shoes combine elegance with an excellent fit.  

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In their workshop in Baden-Baden, Messrs Vickermann and Stoya manufacture handcrafted bespoke shoes and make professional repairs to shoes and leather goods. Here in Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, only products from Vickermann & Stoya are used to clean and care for the shoes of our guests.

The Concierge team and I will gladly provide you with additional advice and information on these products at your convenience.

Warmest regards,
Sascha Domm, Concierge 

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  2. Dear Smithd649, we are pleased that you enjoy so much the posts on our Secrets Blog. Further on a great reading experience! Kind regards, your Brenners-Team

    13 April 2015