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'Room Service' in Baden-Baden

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For everyone interested in art and culture, here is a special tip for you all: the Baden-Württemberg state exhibition: ‘Room Service – Hotels in the Arts and Artists in Hotels’ which began on March 22nd and will run until June 22nd. As the name suggests, this special art exhibition not only takes place in Baden-Baden’s Staatliche Kunsthalle art gallery but also in numerous hotels in the town. Here at Brenners, we will be exhibiting the works of five artists that could not be more different from each other, even though they portray the same theme.


The ‘Brenners Artist in Residence 2014’ - Christian Jankowski – will, from March 21st to April 6th, be allowing the guests of room 127 to choose the room’s decoration and furnishings. For this to happen, the room has been completely cleared and painted white. Furthermore, we have created a catalogue of articles with which the room can be furnished. A summary of the room’s various appearances will be presented in pictures in our foyer.


Besides this, artist Naneci Yurdagül will be offering his performance of “Brenners – hotel & service all in one hour”, where he will be bringing to life the luxury service of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa while compressing it into sixty minutes. He will be performing from March 25th to 30th in room 107 for a twenty-fourth of the price of an overnight stay at Brenners.


Last but not least, we will also be exhibiting photographs in our foyer by American artist Cindy Sherman and Canadian Ian Wallace. And a very unusual experience is also in store for you in our underground car park where you will be able to take a seat on a bench and watch a surreal-inspired video by Austrian artist Markus Schinwald.

Now isn’t that enough inspiration to visit Brenners?

Marcus Schindler
Your Head Concierge