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We wish you a happy Mother’s Day!

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Do you know how Mother’s Day originated?


As a matter of fact, the origins of this special day are uncertain. Did it come from ancient Greece where feasts were celebrated in honour of the mother of Zeus? Or England, perhaps, during the 13th century when Henry III introduced “Mothering Day” to commemorate the “Mother Church”? The USA may also lay claim to its establishment due to the work of the suffragettes Julia Ward Howe (1872) and Anna Jarvis (1914) whose wish was to introduce a day to honour the endeavours of all American mothers.


Regardless of where its origins come from, at Brenners we would like to celebrate this unique day with you, hence our offer of an exclusive 4-course menu in the Rive Gauche, our restaurant in the LA8 Arts Centre, so that all mothers can pamper themselves on this special day! If you are a mother, why not let others do the cooking for you and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of springtime in the Lichtentaler Allee!


I would be delighted to welcome you here to the Rive Gauche and, in doing so, offering all mothers the opportunity to enjoy a thoroughly desired break from their normal, daily routine!

Your host
Josephine Geiger, Rive Gauche Restaurant Manager