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Typical Black Forest

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Almost everyone knows the Black Forest’s trademark – the Bollenhut! But do you actually know where this hat originated from and how red pompoms came to be used for the hat?


The Bollenhut along with the traditional, black and white attire have their origins in three villages in the former Württemberg municipality of Hornberg. The Bollenhut is a straw hat strengthened with white glue to which fourteen large woollen pompoms are sewn, eleven of which remain visible. The hat weighs an impressive 1.5 kg or 3.3 pounds! At weddings and also on major religious holidays, it is possible to see traditional dress being worn. Single females wear the red Bollenhut from the time of their confirmation until their wedding day; married women wear a hat bearing black pompoms. The Bollenhut costume is normally handed down from generation to generation meaning that new hats are rarely made. There are also only a few remaining Bollenhut makers in the Black Forest who master this craft.


When staying at Brenners, I would thoroughly recommend going on an excursion to the Black Forest which, after all, is only a stone’s throw away. You can even pay a visit to the Vogtsbauernhof open-air museum where you will be able to see women wearing traditional dress.


Step back in time and whisk yourself away to an area of untouched Black Forest. And on your return to Brenners, round off the day on our park terrace with a cup of coffee and a slice of homemade Black Forest gateau!

My team and I shall be happy to answer questions regarding this outing at any time.

Best regards,

Marcus Schindler
Head Concierge

2 “Black Forest's Bollenhut”

  1. Guten Abend Herr Schindler, I enjoyed your piece about the Bollenhut. Do you know of any Bollenhut makers (outside of the folk museum) still working? Thank you for your time and attention. Irene

    24 August 2014
  2. Dear Ms. Rawlings,

    Please excuse the little delay of my answer but I needed to do some research. I am very happy that you enjoyed our piece about the Bollenhut.

    The Bollenhut costume is normally passed down in the family. New costumes are rarely made, as the production of a Bollenhut is very expensive and time consuming. There are only a few "Bollenhutmacherinnen”, who still apply these traditional craftsmanship methods. Two out of the few traditional milliners in the Black Forest are Helga Reichenbach, Heimethus am Scheffelbach in Schluchsee and Gabriele Aberle, Kunstgewerbliche Werkstätte in Gutach.

    I hope this information is of any help to you.

    With best regards
    Marcus Schindler

    27 August 2014