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“The taste of tradition”

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Food preparation at your finger tips! At our last kitchen party guests were able to marvel at the manual dexterity of Bernd Glasstetter with his live sausage making display. His demonstration certainly intensified the guest’s taste as it wasn’t only the skinless “Curry Wurst” sausages that enjoyed great popularity that evening!


Providing everything from hams for breakfast and bones for fine sauces to fillet beef for our Michelin star chef Paul Stradner, the Glasstetter Butchers have for almost twenty years been our trusted meat and cold cuts supplier. And not without reason, either.


Living up to their motto “the taste of tradition” only ingredients of the finest quality are processed at this butchers using skill and precision and closely guarded family recipes. The high-quality demands rely upon extremely close ties with the farmers, something that Mr Glasstetter takes care of personally.


Because freshness, in addition to quality, is top priority at Brenners, we receive four to five deliveries each week from Mr Glasstetter’s business in the nearby village of Völkersbach. Always included in each consignment is, of course, our popular breakfast speciality: the Camberti Black Forest ham with it classy crust.


One particular highlight for any exclusive occasion or private banquet are the “made-to-measure sausages”. Individual in terms of size and flavour, a wide range of exceptional creations have resulted such as bratwurst sausages with potato and truffles or ones with wild boar and chestnut filling.


In their business the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity… clearly to be seen on this wide ham and sausage variation!

Best regards,

Rudolf Pellkofer
Executive Chef