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Enjoy an unforgettable summer with us

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Oh, isn’t that beautiful – flowers with the most vibrant of colours are blossoming everywhere and you simply don’t know in which direction to look! Do you like this feeling too? If so, you really must come to Baden-Baden in the summer. At this time of year the private park at Brenners is a sea of the finest blooms with flowers of all types revealing their natural beauty – it’s wonderfully romantic!


Something I can particularly recommend is a stroll through the famous Lichtentaler Allee. In summer, when everything is in flower and flourishing, the Allee is unmistakeably beautiful providing a wonderfully relaxing environment. If you have time, a visit to the famous rose garden is an absolute must. You will be astounded by the colourful blossoms and by all the different types of roses from every corner of the earth. It’s a sight that will remain in your memory for many years to come.



To round off this most enjoyable of summer walks take a seat on our wonderful park terrace and savour a slice of homemade cake or a refreshing ice-cream creation. It’s the perfect way to enjoy Baden-Baden and the summer as our terrace offers a direct view of the Brenners private park and the Lichtentaler Allee. Whilst listening to the babbling River Oos, you’ll be able to cast your mind over your day and rejoice in the wonders of life…



I am looking forward to a summer in bloom with you!

Yours Markus Schindler
Head Concierge