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Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about the Brenners and Baden-Baden...

The “green oasis” of Baden-Baden

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The Lichtentaler Allee is one of Baden-Baden's iconic landmarks and celebrates a history spanning more than 350 years.

Lichtentaler _allee _g _ner _salon

Today, my tone maybe somewhat dreamlike but when the topic of conversation is the Lichtentaler Allee it is impossible not to be poetic in one's appraisal. Practically everyone who has ever been to Baden-Baden has walked - even when only a few steps - along the Lichtentaler Allee.

And so with the following short portrayal, I will attempt, and hopefully succeed, to take you on a virtual stroll through this wonder of nature!

La 010

As you will see, exploring one the world's prettiest avenues can be undertaken either on foot or by taking a romantic horse and carriage ride. Stretching almost two and a half kilometres, the Lichtentaler Allee connects vibrant urban life with contemplative calmness. The next time you venture out for a stroll there, I would recommend throwing down your defences so that you can soak up all the energy and power that nature has to offer.

Lichtentaler _allee _standard

The Lichtentaler Allee is a park and a particularly inviting setting for a stroll at any time of year: snowdrops and a flowering carpet of crocuses in winter and spring, blossoming flowerbeds and the roses in the Gönner garden in summer, followed by a magnificent display of colourful foliage in autumn ... astoundingly beautiful season after season!   

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In over 350 years, our Lichtentaler Allee has developed and come of age. Thousands of visitors each year are left spellbound by the towering trees, the babbling Oos, the dainty bridges and romantic pavilions - coupled too with the sea of flowering rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias …

I could write on the subject for hours but let me leave you with one final thought: what is magical about the Lichtentaler Allee is that its seductive power increases with age!

Your Head Concierge,

Marcus Schindler