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The Black Forest gateau!

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Does your mouth start to water when you start to think of this classic German cream cake? A chocolate sponge-base flavoured with cherry brandy encasing an aromatic cherry filling, all covered in butter cream and decorated with cherries and chocolate flakes – who can resist that…?

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As famous as this classic German cake is today, about the origins of the world’s favourite cream gateau exist some legends. There are many theories as to how the name came about, for instance, it could come from the coating of black chocolate flakes reminiscent of a black forest. Or has it got something to do with the cherry brandy which is mainly produced in the Black Forest? The name may also have ties with the traditional dress for Black Forest ladies: the chocolate flakes represent the black dress, the cream the white blouse and the cherries the Bollenhut hat with its red pompoms.

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In fact, it doesn’t really matter where the cake or its name originate from, because it is and will remain the sweetest temptation in the Black Forrest! When you are sitting on our sunny terrace in the Brenners private park letting the combination of sweet butter cream, the light, bitter chocolate and the discreet sharpness of the cherries melt in your mouth, you can forget absolutely everything that is going on around you…

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I would be delighted to serve you a fresh slice of our Black Forest gateau!

Yours Jan Leichsenring
Restaurant Manager