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Try a gin you have never tasted before…

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Do you enjoy gin and good quality spirits? And would you like to discover a gin taste you have never savoured before? Then I have the perfect drink for you: a glass of Monkey 47 gin.


Originating in the Black Forest, Monkey 47 gin units British tradition with exotic aromas from India and is the creation of Englishman Montgomery Collins. The experiences of his childhood in East Asia, his military career in Berlin and his life in the Black Forest served as inspiration.


The 47 handpicked ingredients, consisting of native Black Forest and Asian herbs and berries, are prepared with extremely soft, Black Forest spring water. After being distilled and after maturing in traditional earthenware containers, the distinct taste of the Black Forest dry gin has fully developed.


How do I describe the taste? Scents of juniper and citrus fruits, a light, floral aroma and subtle hints of pepper and bitter fruits that unite harmoniously like you’ve never experienced before.


You should definitely visit the Brenners Oleander Bar so you can taste it for yourself! I will be there waiting for you with a bottle of the unique Monkey 47 gin.

I look forward to welcoming you!

Kind regards,

Erwin Biezen
Head Barman