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Golf in Baden-Baden?

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Yes, you can also play golf in Baden-Baden! When the weather is good, I love to relax with a game of golf and enjoy the wonderful setting here on the edge of the Black Forest. Such days are very special to me as my time prevents me from playing more often!

Are you unaware of how befitting the golf courses here, in and around Baden-Baden, are for mental relaxation? Then let me elaborate a little.

The natural scenery of the Black Forest and Alsace region into which the golf courses are embedded is simply outstanding! At some, such as the Soufflenheim/Baden-Baden Golf Club, the beautifully landscaped lakes, hillocks and trees have a positive effect on the golfers' mind, body and mood during the round.

Golf _soufflenheim

The drive to this golf club in Alsace is most enjoyable: it is accompanied by beautiful scenery and I normally combine a game of golf here with a visit to one of the local restaurants that can be found on the way. A good meal and a refreshing drink in friendly surroundings can also, however, be had in the clubhouse at the golf club. This golf course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced golfers. One final point of note … it does have a very special flair!

Or do you prefer to decide spontaneously regarding an afternoon of golf? This is also no problem at all: at the Baden-Baden Golf Club you can play without a tee time because here the motto is: "Come and Play"! This course, however, rarely forgives a bad shot meaning that pin-point accuracy and straight shots are called for otherwise your ball will end up in the trees!

Golclub _baden _baden _1

And if you want a real challenge, I can recommend the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club towards Heidelberg ... but only if you are a very good golfer!

I personally started playing golf relatively late - in 2009 in Switzerland. I had the pleasure of being taught by a Scottish professional which for me added an extra touch of magic to the learning process! One thing you mustn't forget, however … it's never too early or too late to start playing golf!

Ms _1_xs

Your Head Concierge,

Marcus Schindler