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JR in Baden-Baden

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One thing I have to say is that the museum belonging to art collector Frieder Burda located on the Lichtentaler Allee is a real jewel in Baden-Baden’s crown!


Have you already been there? When staying in Baden-Baden paying a visit to the Museum Frieder Burda is an absolute must! Perhaps the current exhibition by the French artist JR, taking place from 1 March to 29 June 2014, will tempt you to come. The entire town has been turned into an artist’s canvas! When walking the streets black and white, large-format portraits gaze down at you from house facades, flights of steps, walls and roofs. Baden-Baden is alive with JR fever and there’s a feeling of rejuvenation in the air caused by this young street artist’s unusual, trendy art!




Next door is the LA8 Arts Centre and our Rive Gauche Restaurant. It’s the perfect place after a visit to the museum to enjoy a coffee on their terrace and to savour the mild Baden-Baden temperatures.


With our special “Art for Connoisseurs” package, you have the chance to not only visit the Museum Frieder Burda, but also the Museum of Art & Technology in the LA8 Arts Centre and the town’s Belle Époque-styled casino!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to come and visit beautiful Baden-Baden, don’t you think? Particularly now in spring when the town is even prettier than ever! We look forward to seeing you and, as I said, I can thoroughly recommend the exhibition.

Your Marcus Schindler
Head Concierge