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The Villa Stéphanie

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You may have already heard that we will be opening our Villa Stéphanie in the spring of 2014. And if you have, you are probably also wondering what is so unique about it …

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Today, I personally cannot say a lot more on the subject, but would like to pass on a couple of statements to you from our Managing Director concerning the opening of the Villa Stéphanie:

"Brenners is one of the founders of the spa movement in Europe and since 1983 the word 'spa' has formed part of our name. More than 30 years of experience has spurred us on to take our offer to the next level. In order to do justice to the character of a large, privately-run hotel, we adopt a high-class and individualised approach to health and well-being," emphasised Frank Marrenbach, Managing Director of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa and CEO of the Oetker Collection.

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Continuing on from this Frank Marrenbach added, "The Villa Stéphanie will be the ideal place for those who devote their energy all year to their family and profession. Here they will win back their strength, health, and focus allowing them to master future challenges in a better way."

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Best regards,

Marcus Schindler, Head Concierge