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Meatless satisfaction:

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Whether it’s tofu, soya milk or almond butter – the nutrition trend of the year is without a doubt the vegan diet. And guests of Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa are increasingly experiencing how irresistible this alternative form of nutrition can be. As part of our detox programme which runs in connection with an individual nutrition and exercise coaching plan, we are happy to offer our guests vegan dishes if they so wish.

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Refraining from eating animal products is an essential part of a detox diet hence meat, fish, eggs and honey are replaced by pure vegetarian produce. They form the basis for flavoursome recipes allowing colourful and diverse dishes to be created. To those wishing to maintain a balanced diet at home, we recommend having one vegan day per week to start off with.

For instance, how about starting the day with a green smoothie for breakfast? This doesn’t only contain many essential nutrients, but also staves off hunger pains for longer and puts a spring into the step of weary people. Simply mix together at will a handful of stinging nettles, spinach or dandelion leaves with a banana or some other fruit. Avocado and beetroot are also excellent energy suppliers. Adding the juice of half a lemon is ideal for giving the drink a fresh kick and important minerals are provided with a pinch of sea salt which rounds off the power drink perfectly.

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For lunch you can of course be a little less frugal. Wholemeal spaghetti with a tropical coconut-lime sauce will fill you up without giving you a heavy stomach and will also allow your blood sugar level to rise slowly.

Soups are idea for evening time, particularly for warming you up from the inside when the nights are getting cooler in autumn. Ever so tasty is one made from Hokkaido pumpkin, refined with roasted pumpkin seeds and a teaspoon of pumpkin seed oil.

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With a little practice and thanks to the great cookery books that are now available, it’s easier than ever to integrate such a restricted diet into everyday life. Personally, my favourite book is “Vegan for Fit” by Attila Hildmann. This book will show you how to totally reset your body and mind within 30 days!

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Due to the automatically higher intake of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, your energy levels will rise and you will feel increasingly fitter and more resilient. And, what’s more, you’re not only doing yourself some good, but you are automatically making a contribution to a sustainable and environmentally-conscious lifestyle. After all ... you are what you eat!

Yours Hans-Peter Veit
Spa Manager