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Here you will find everything you always wanted to know about the Brenners and Baden-Baden...

Sightseeing with a difference

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From the hotel, you will be taken in the hotel limousine to the helicopter terminal at Baden-Baden/Karlsruhe Airport. At the take-off pad, Torsten de Kever and his team will be waiting in readiness for you with the pre-reserved helicopter.

Das _etwas _andere _sightseeing

Once the engines have warmed up and the helicopter has gently left the ground, the breathtaking tour of the Black Forest will begin taking you over sites such as the Schwarzenbach dam and hotels such as the Hotel Bareiss and the Traube Tonbach. During the flight, the pilot will naturally also allow you to take hold of the joystick and for a brief moment you will be piloting your own helicopter. I personally had goose bumps and felt for a minute like 'Airwolf'.

After a good 25 minutes of being airborne, you will land at the Hotel Ailwaldhof where you will be welcomed with refreshments by the Haist family and accompanied to their wonderful sun terrace. There you can treat yourself to tasty delicacies prepared by head chef and host Bernhard Haist.

Familie -aktuell

On request, you may also take a tour to acquaint yourself a little better with the privately-run spa hotel and its unique wine cellar.

Aussenansicht -hotel

Refreshed from the break, you will then start your journey back flying over the Bühlerhöhe, the Rebland vineyard region with its villages of Varnhalt and Neuweier before safely landing once again at the airport in Baden-Baden.

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An unforgettable day will then draw to a close and you will undoubtedly tell many friends and acquaintances of your sightseeing tour with a difference.