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“Well worth a gander”

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As we all know, a traditional Christmas celebration is not complete without a proper Christmas goose. According to legend, it was a number of influential gourmets from the Middle Ages who first came to this conclusion. Their actions saw the dull, Christmas carp being cast aside to make way for roast goose. The only problem was, back then, the 24th December was a strict day of fasting on which only fish could be eaten. As geese have a natural affinity for water, they overcame this dilemma by classifying geese as fish! Bird or fish, a true or fabricated legend ... what's important is not going without a traditional goose dinner over the Christmas season.

To ensure that you too will not go without this year, I would recommend dining with us at the RIVE GAUCHE Restaurant! Set in the heart of the Lichtentaler Allee, you will be able to relish roast goose cooked in the classic manner. The offer runs from 10th November to 26th December 2013 - every Sunday and on the main feast days at Christmas. 

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Should you prefer, however, to enjoy the roast dinner in the comfort of your own home, then simply order a home delivery. With their motto "Goose á la Maison", the Brenners Fine Catering team will be more than happy to bring the festive dinner to your door. Accompanied with chestnut sauce, red cabbage, roast apples and potato dumplings, you can treat your loved ones to a first class, traditional Christmas meal without all the preparation.

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So all you have to do now is decide. And remember, what's good for the goose is also good for the gander … 

Your host, 

Josephine Geiger